Ride Dirt Bikes In Phuket

Exciting Tracks And Trails To Explore

We have been riding through the jungles of Phuket for years and have mapped out the best tracks that will let you see as much of the island when you hire one of our enduro bikes. You can start from a small rugged track near Patong Beach, and ride through the jungle to famous areas like the Big Buddha and further north to the wide open trails up around Surin Beach and beyond. If there are certain areas that you would like to see, just let us know and we can setup a custom ride day specifically for your group.

See All Around Phuket

Here are just a few areas where you can visit while on your enduro adventure in Phuket. The most popular bookings for the average rider is the Surin Beach and Big Buddha tracks which take 3-4 hours each depending on time taken for rest and water.

It’s important to us that you get to see the places that you would like but we also make sure that the tracks are suitable to your riding skills. This ensures that you have an enjoyable time throughout the entire day.

Tracks And Bikes To Suit All Level Riders

There is a huge range of enduro tracks throughout Phuket and to enjoy your day it’s important that you are comfortable on the bike. The more technical tracks can be very difficult, especially in the hot Thailand sun. The tracks and bikes available cater for any skill level and our tour guides will make sure you’re able to get the full enduro experience while not exceeding your skill level.