Phuket Enduro Adventure

Come Explore The Jungle With Us

If you are feeling adventurous while you visit Phuket or you just want to see areas of the island that many visitors don’t know about then our extreme enduro tour is the perfect choice! Come riding with 2 of our guides through the jungle and dirt tracks on any of our unrestricted motorbikes available for rent.

There are a huge number of areas on the island were you can ride dirt bikes. Each track does vary with difficulty so it’s important to go on the tracks where you will enjoy the day and also get to see the places or viewpoints that interest you.


Before heading out we will do a brief introduction ride at a small track to assess and view your riding skills – this allows us to make sure you can handle the tracks as well as getting an idea on your fitness levels. It can get quite hot riding during the day.

This is by far one of the most exciting things that you can do Thailand and it’s a great way to see more of the local lifestyle, animals and landscapes.


We generally meet in Patong and this is where we gear up and do our preparation and planning for the day. The mountains surrounding the town have a large number of tracks that allow us to ride around and to the top of the hill for a great view of the town and then connect to other areas of the island while staying in the jungle.

There are some parts of this enduro track which are quite rocky and the trails can get steep in certain places as well. Your riding experience and skills will determine which of the trails we take when leaving the office, but don’t worry, each track has some challenging sections and you will get to see some amazing scenery no matter which way the enduro tour goes.

Big Buddha

This is one landmark that everyone who visits the island will visit, but you can get to experience riding to the top of this famous mountain on one of our decked out enduro bikes. Unlike the ATV tours on the Big Buddha mountain, our bikes are not restricted or de-tuned in anyway and you can feel free to ride at a pace that is comfortable for you (all at your own risk of course). Our guides will be with you every step of the way.

This tour leaves from the Patong office and we make our way around to Big Buddha over the course of a few hours, taking several different types of tracks. You’ll need to have a good amount of fitness to get there and back again, but we ride at a pace that everyone is comfortable with and it’s your extreme enduro tour, so you can stop for a rest anytime you need.


Keeping Safe

While the activities we offer at Phuket Extreme Enduro are one of the most exciting things you can do when visiting Phuket, we always maintain a strict safety policy so all our customers finish the adventure without injury and continue to enjoy their time on the island.

Wearing full safety gear on the jungle tours is extremely important and we won’t continue if the protection equipment is not worn. There are many obstacles in the jungles of Phuket and it takes only a second for something to happen. The gear we rent is top quality brands and will keep you safe if you happen to fall from the bike.

The standard riding kit includes a Kevlar helmet, motocross boots, chest elbow and knee protectors as well as the jersey and pants. You can also request a neck protector for a small extra fee. Click here to see all the safety equipment that we have available.

Phuket Extreme Enduro Schedule

With the number of various tracks and areas of the jungle to explore, we have a number of routes that take at least 4-5 hours to complete. Each one sticks to a similar schedule, but we want you to enjoy the tour and enduro experience, so a longer ride or trying to get through certain trails can take time. The below schedule is a guide only, but will provide an overview on what you can expect.

Hotel Pickup

We generally depart each day at 10am from our offices in Patong. One of the team will guide you to the meeting point where you can gear up and get familiar with the bikes. We recommend hiring a click scooter for 200THB rather than a taxi to and from your hotel.

Gearing Up

A selection of gear will be ready for you to try on. The team will assist you in making sure that everything fits correctly and will keep you safe. Remember, all the protection equipment must be worn at all times when riding.

Warm Ups & Assessment

Now you’re all geared up, you can take a few laps around the small ATV track to warm up your muscles and give the team a chance to review your riding skills. We want you to enjoy the day, so keep within your limits and you’ll see more of the jungle moving at a steady pace.

Welcome To The Jungle

At around 10:45 we start making our way into the jungle tracks of Phuket. Normally the first session will be 2-3 hours but we stop on a regular basis for a quick drink from the hydration packs or just to relax and take in the scenery.

Lunch Break

We have found a number of great little restaurants while living and riding in Phuket over the years. Let the team know if you have any dietary requirements before heading out, but there’s pretty much any type of food available so you can choose. There’s heaps of great tasting local dishes to be experienced. Generally we stop for 1 hour, but the schedule can adjust to suit how you feel.

Afternoon Session

Generally this session is where we start making our way back to the office. Most times we take an alternate trail so you can see other areas of the beautiful island. Depending on how far we travelled during the morning session and riding pace of the group, you can expect to be safely back in Patong between 4 – 5pm. Once you’ve changed out of the riding gear a member of the team will drive you back to your hotel.