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Climb obstacles, Jump Doubles And See Amazing Views At Our Private Track

Phuket Motocross Track Day

Koh Sire is a small island on the east side of Phuket and is connected via a small bridge that leads into Old Town. Located approximately 30 minutes from the main tourist destinations of Karon and Patong Beach, the island is famous for fresh sea food, the wild monkeys as well as our private enduro and motocross track.

With 360 degree views of the Andaman Ocean from the top of the enduro track hill climb section, you will be able to see areas of the Phuket that are among some of the most beautiful and natural views that can be found anywhere on the island.

The track has been built on a 92 rai plot of land, which is roughly 45 acres for not familiar with the measurement system here in Thailand. We have built 2 separate tracks that offer completely different off road adventure action. When you book the track day adventure you are able to spend as much time on either section as you like and if you are booking as a group you can also swap bikes and test out all that our track has to offer for enduro and motocross fans.

Benefits Of The Private Race Track Day

The track day offers some great benefits and differences to riding in the jungle. There’s more time to practice your skills on the wide range of obstacles and jumps that are available. We can also bring a drone on request which in addition to the Go-Pro attached to your helmet makes for a very impressive video to take home and share on Facebook with your friends and family.

Another reason people enjoy the track day is the ability to relax and take a breather whenever you choose. The jungle ride offers the same, but limits your chance to see more of the island so we push a little harder. Coming to the tracks in Koh Sire means you can stop for a drink and something to eat at your leisure.

The last and probably most important benefit is when you are with a group of friends and can set challenges for each other. Like who can get the fastest lap time on the Enduro or motocross tracks. If you are able to break the track record, the track entrance fee will be refunded and you will get a free Phuket Enduro t-Shirt to take home with you.