Phuket Enduro & Motocross Race Day

We are holding another race event our private track in June, on the weekend of the 25th and 26th. There’s a whole heap of classes available to enter in so be sure to drop by on Saturday morning between 9AM and 11AM to get registered.

You’ll be able to compete in both Motocross and Enduro events.

The new enduro section has been made a lot more exciting in the last few months with a lot of the jungle areas being cleared to make way for technical up and down hill sections of track.

There will be some motocross and enduro bikes available for hire, however availability will depend on the event and bike you would like as our team will be competing in the events as well.

Come along and have some fun participating or watching all the action from the side of the track.

Race Dates & Location Information

Date: 25/06/2016- 26/06/2016

Location: Phuket Extreme Enduro’s Private Track

Directions: As you can see in the map, our track is located just north west of Old Town. You can search for ‘Phuket Extreme Enduro’ in Google and receive the directions.

Come and join us for an action packed day of motocross and enduro racing!