About Phuket Extreme Enduro

How Phuket Extreme Enduro Started

Phuket Extreme Enduro was formed by a collection of expats from many different countries who have been living in Phuket and enjoying enduro adventure rides throughout all parts of the island and other parts of Thailand for more than 10 years.

What started as a small group of friends riding off road through the mountainous jungle trails quickly became a weekly event that grew to include local Thai motorbike riders, as well as friends of expats who are holidaying or traveling through Thailand on business.

Where We Ride

Exploring areas of the island that most never get to experience, as well as the development of our own private motocross & enduro tracks just outside of Old Phuket Town became a topic discussed daily as we looked for ways to explore deeper into the jungle and refining our own riding skills while getting together with friends and family for regular events.

Enduro & Motocross Riding In Phuket

It didn’t take long to have numerous trails and tracks all mapped out. Phuket is one of the top holiday destinations in the world known for the beautiful beaches and stunning viewpoints. We created a number of routes where our tours operate that includes seeing and experiencing the best parts of the island. Some routes include places of interest which are only known to locals and cannot be reached without off-road motorbikes.

As the number of people joining our almost daily rides the amount of interest and questions from people talking with us at gas stations or local family marts about being able to join in the fun increased quickly. Some of the team started offering their own bikes and gear as rentals, and we realized there was an opportunity to create a truly unique experience for anyone visiting or living on the island.

One Of The Most Exciting Holiday Activities You Can Do!

group of bikesWe want everyone riding with Phuket Extreme Enduro to capture some great photos of areas around the island that many people won’t ever see & give life long memories of adventures with new friends of your time or holiday in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Phuket Extreme Enduro welcome riders of all levels. There are several different routes and packages available that will allow you to see some of the most famous landmarks on the island. We want everyone who rides with us to have a great time, so these packages are tailored for novice riders all the way through to professional level motocross and enduro racers with years of riding experience.

There’s all types of challenging terrains to be explored in Phuket. For beginner or novice riders you can experience riding along the beach and through the dirt & concrete tracks in the jungle. The more technical uphill trails covered in big boulders is usually only for the most experienced riders.